Monday, December 21, 2009


OPSEC is the acronym that stands for operational security. It is something that I believe matters in a huge way. The only thing as important is protecting the soldiers in the field and their families back home.

Sooooooo, you might learn a thing or two about how I put a package together, or about what a group of soldiers could use, or about the consequences of care packages for a unit, or maybe a great story about soldiers or Marines that are doing remarkable things.

What you won't learn here is a blessed thing about which unit is where, who commands what unit, where the unit's home post is, an address to send packages, and so forth. I have worked hard for the past four years to earn the trust of senior NCO's and officers up and down the chain of command (not to mention some of the most exceptional FRG advisors/leaders in the Free World). I will shut this down in a heartbeat rather than jeopardize that trust. Some senior leaders may OK the occasional photo or quote, but you won't see it here if they don't authorize it.

In the end, it's about helping senior leaders look after their soldiers/Marines. If that's your cup of tea, you are in the right place. Stand by...........

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